Data input

The primary NEO input file is input.neo. Profile data can be optionally captured from input.gacode.

NEO can also be run using a subroutine interface. In this case, inputs and outputs are contained in a monolithic module file named neo_interface. The interface parameter name is formed by prepending neo_ and appending _in to the name of the corresponding input.neo parameter.

use neo_interface
call neo_init
! Set neo_interface inputs (e.g. neo_n_species_in = 2 ...)
call neo_run
! Get neo_interface outputs (e.g. jbs = neo_jpar_dke_out ...)

Data output

A description of the NEO output files and output subroutine parameters is here.


When run in local profile mode, the NEO normalizing length \(a\), normalizing mass \(m_{\rm norm}\), normalizing density \(n_{\rm norm}\), normalizing temperature \(T_{\rm norm}\), and normalizing velocity \({\rm v}_{\rm norm} = \sqrt{T_{\rm norm}/m_{\rm norm}}\) are arbitrary, since the input.neo parameters are set with respect to these and the output parameters are defined with respect to these. For experimental profiles, the normalizations are set as follows:






Minor radius


\(m_{\rm norm} = m_{\rm D}\)

Mass of deuterium (3.3452e-27 kg)


\(n_{\rm norm}(r)=n_{0,{\rm species 1}}\)

Local density of species 1


\(T_{\rm norm}(r)=T_{0,{\rm species 1}}\)

Local temperature of species 1