TGYRO is a parallel transport manager with the ability to call multiple instances of TGLF and NEO in order to obtain steady-state temperature, density and rotation profiles. The code was designed to operate with a comparatively sparse radial mesh so as to minimize the number of calls to the transport model.

In addition to its role as a transport code, TGYRO also operates as a job manager for ensembles of independent GYRO/CGYRO simulations.

Data input

The primary TGYRO input file is input.tgyro, with profile data defined in input.gacode.

Data output, python interface, and plotting

Although there is a description of output data, it is suggested that users use the python interface to output data.

Transport equations and solution

We give a brief description of the transport equations, see Equations solved in TGYRO. Unlike most other transport solvers, the solution algorithm in TGYRO is not based on time-integration of the transport equations. Instead, the steady-state equations are solved (see TGYRO solver algorithm).