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GACODE User Agreement
 Initial version (2013.07.02) 
 Updated version (2018.11.06)

GACODE development is funded by the US Department of Energy (DoE), 
and distribution is subject to DoE requirements and restrictions.

By cloning, downloading or otherwise using the sources, the recipient

1. The above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the
   following disclaimer shall be included in all copies or substantial
   portions of the Software.

2. To compile/use the Software source code AS IS for publication
   purposes; users however are welcome to request changes, to make
   code modifications for testing purposes, or issue pull requests.

3. If the authorized user’s copy of Software is made available to third
   parties, to ensure that the user agreement is followed by the third

4. To email a draft of any article/letter/note based on the Software
   use to

5. To include in published results or presentations the code name(s)
   and appropriate references (see below)
Appropriate References

Physics code

Topical Area

Required citation


gyrokinetic simulation



gyrokinetic simulation



neoclassical simulation

[BC08, BC12]


transport model

[SKW07, SK10]


profile evolution


Source code

Sources are found in the gacode repository on GitHub.

Repository access

Get a (free) account at GitHub and send your GitHub username to with a request for user or developer access.